Thanksgiving Appetizer Idea: Georgian Eggplant Walnut Rolls

Badrijani nigvzit Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans! May the sentiment of our holiday spread far and wide across the world. We need it. I don’t have an entire holiday menu to share, but I do want to alert you to a little something for the pre-feasting. An eggplant appetizer, rich and smokey, garlicky, nutty, tart…Continue readingThanksgiving Appetizer Idea: Georgian Eggplant Walnut Rolls

Scary Times

We’re back in action. I suppose it’s fitting that I return to the blogosphere with a scary story on Halloween. If you follow the Rambling Spoon Facebook page, you might know about the incident last week that landed Jerry in the ER for 25 hours, followed by three days and nights on the fifth floor…Continue readingScary Times

King Tut’s Pomegranate

Egyptian wall art, outside the Tutankhamun exhibit at San Francisco’s de Young Museum Actually, it was Amenhotep II‘s pomegranate. But it was the de Young Museum’s Tutankhamun exhibit at which I learned of the ancient Egyptian practice of burying the elite with model fruits. (We had a quick few hours to take in a San…Continue readingKing Tut’s Pomegranate

Pomegranate Juice

OK, so it’s true, I’ve been hiding out in one of the world’s greatest places: Missoula, Montana. I adore this town and I’m ashamed to say how many years have passed since last visit. I’m hitting the market tomorrow morning, and I’ll tell you about that as well as other intriguing finds. Meanwhile, have a…Continue readingPomegranate Juice

We’re Doing It

I spent almost all of last weekend cleaning and cutting the apples from our tree and cooking them and blending them into a variety of sauces—primarily, apple-grape (grapes off the vine) and apple-onion (sweet little onions from the farmers market). I’ve given some away, we’ve eaten a lot with cornbread and fruit for breakfast, and…Continue readingWe’re Doing It

Pomegranates Near and Far

I hear from the home front that our pomegranates have ripened in our absence. Last summer, when they were but little green bulbs hanging from the trees, I knew we would miss their emergence. Our relatives and neighbors will enjoy them instead. So I drink their juice half a world away, in India, where pomegranates…Continue readingPomegranates Near and Far

A Big World Without Gluten

I had stomach aches when I was little. I threw up in my grade-school lunchroom, and I refused to eat lunch at school for the rest of the year. My mother picked me up and took me home every day at noon. I can’t believe she did that for me. Doctors didn’t find any particular…Continue readingA Big World Without Gluten

The World’s Ugliest Kitchen…

…is ours. We’ve gone and done it, turning into true Americans with a mortgage and money pit. We bought a house in Bosque Farms, in the Rio Grande basin just south of Albuquerque. As you can see, it’s a “handyman’s special,” with not a single kitchen appliance included. Look at that lovely green flooring! And…Continue readingThe World’s Ugliest Kitchen…