Danger Salad

  We had a wee bit of a scare last week when Jerry went in for his clot check (a monthly routine ever since the incident last fall). His International Normalized Ratio (INR) was way down, meaning his blood was clotting way too quickly. I’m the culprit. I’ve been feeding him too many leafy greens,…Continue readingDanger Salad

Photographic Inspiration in the Garden

On really good days, The Photographer gets an itch and takes his camera to an array of food without any prodding from me. This is precisely what happened last week in our garden where, apparently, our chard still grows tall and strong (for those who don’t know, I’m in Boulder and Jerry is in New…Continue readingPhotographic Inspiration in the Garden

Scary Times

We’re back in action. I suppose it’s fitting that I return to the blogosphere with a scary story on Halloween. If you follow the Rambling Spoon Facebook page, you might know about the incident last week that landed Jerry in the ER for 25 hours, followed by three days and nights on the fifth floor…Continue readingScary Times