#GivingTuesday – A Few Suggestions

People want to help. Always. This is the message we get every time we return from a trip overseas: people sincerely care, they want to help, they want to make a difference, but they don’t know where to begin. Today, on the international day of giving, we’d like to offer a few friendly suggestions based…Continue reading#GivingTuesday – A Few Suggestions

Beyond Terror

Happy Thanksgiving week. As some of you know, we recently returned to the US after a month of reporting in Timor-Leste, followed by a week of working in Singapore. A few nights ago, I awoke sleepless and jetlagged 3 a.m. I grabbed a pen and notebook, went to the living room and started writing about…Continue readingBeyond Terror

The Fish at the End of the Road

Valu Beach, below Tutuala, East Timor This is not here. This, above, is Valu Beach on the far tip of East Timor. “Here,” for me, right now, is Boulder, Colorado, beneath a fresh dump of snow. I could use a burst of Timorese warmth right now. I’m traveling to East Timor in mind tonight, thanks…Continue readingThe Fish at the End of the Road

In the Company of Men

Where are the women? Not in the shops, restaurants, hotels. Not on the streets. Not even working as waitresses or cleaners. Rarely selling foods in the market. I have always felt comfortable among men, sometimes even more so than among women. I had many male friends in high school; I preferred the heart-to-heart conversations a…Continue readingIn the Company of Men

A Shot of Prevention

Coup update: Bangkokians go ga-ga over the tanks surrounding government buildings. Schools are making field trips to the area, and kids are posing for photos beside the mighty machines. Vendors have set up shop, selling food and balloons amid the carnival affair. My question is: What happens if/when the military decides it’s not yet the…Continue readingA Shot of Prevention


It began with a roasting pig on an overcast Sunday, a cool day in a summer of crackling heat. It began with that pig and a homemade recipe for beans, an olive salsa, fresh salads, corn and more. It began with nine cakes from Tomaselli’s (I didn’t know then of my gluten intolerance and still,…Continue readingAnniversaries

ASK ME! water

Is clean, fresh drinking water a serious problem in Southeast Asia? Is it becoming more of a problem since the Chinese want to dam things up along the big rivers there? If so, how does it affect life there for the locals and travelers? — Joanna, Albuquerque A timely question, considering the Indochina Media Memorial…Continue readingASK ME! water