Generosity, a Secret to the Burmese Kitchen

When AFAR published my laphet thote article, it ran under the headline, “A Burmese Salad that Says Welcome.” I didn’t write the title. It’s what editors inferred from the story. “Welcome” is spot-on, but love, compassion or kindness would have worked just as well. The Burmese possess magnanimous hearts—this I learned from my students. I’m…Continue readingGenerosity, a Secret to the Burmese Kitchen

Burmese Tea Leaf Salad

The latest edition of AFAR is on sale, and inside you will find our feature on the Burmese pickled tea leaf salad known as laphet thote. This is such an exuberant dish with hot, tangy, bitter, salty flavors that tingle every little nook of the mouth. If you’ve never had the opportunity to try laphet…Continue readingBurmese Tea Leaf Salad

Mrs. Saw

Mrs. Saw is kind of a crank. Not a bad crank, but a nice crank in a nosy grandmotherly sort of way. She runs a little restaurant across from the market in Sepon, a three-road town on the old Ho Chi Minh Trial in southern Lao. Her menu’s on the wall: noodle soup, BBQ chicken,…Continue readingMrs. Saw