What’s left of my food souvenir habit We’ve returned to Chiang Mai after spending the week in Pattani, where a three-year insurgency has killed close to 2,000 people. Bombs burst every day, soldiers and government workers are attacked and civilians live in fear. Most incidents occur outside of Pattani town, in the countryside and other…Continue readingOnward

Hard Labor

The truth about Thai shrimp….Continue readingHard Labor

Thailand Update

We’re in a holding pattern, waiting to see how the new powers will play out their roles. The military has vowed to select a new leader within two weeks, and to restore democracy within a year. I’m not sure I would have noticed a thing, however, had I not already known of the coup. Here…Continue readingThailand Update

Bangkok Coup

We appear to be in the midst of a coup, though the tanks are several hours south in Bangkok and the night is quiet here in Chiang Mai. So quiet, we ate dinner through the ordeal. The Internet went out (now we know why) and we downed a tasty bowl of paprikash. Coup rumors have…Continue readingBangkok Coup

Letter From Lithuania: On Food and Liberty

A former editor at the University of Nebraska Press, Nina Shevchuk-Murray, recently wrote to me from her new home in Lithuania, where her husband has been posted on a Fulbright. Nina, originally from Ukraine, has kindly allowed me to post here this most interesting of emails, “On Food and Liberty.” (By the way, I like…Continue readingLetter From Lithuania: On Food and Liberty