ASK ME! restaurants near airports

• What are some good low- to mid-range priced restaurants near the Bangkok/Phnom Penh/Ho Chi Minh City airport(s)? I’ll be staying at a hotel near the airport and don’t want to be limited to the hotel restaurant. Good luck. Asian airports are notoriously far from anything interesting (take Kuala Lumpur: 75 km from the city!…Continue readingASK ME! restaurants near airports

ASK ME! chili heat

• At a Thai restaurant, what can I order besides beer to relieve my mouth of some of the heat in the dishes? Yogurt and raita are usually not on the menu. – A Reader, California Your mouth is burning because of substances in the chilies called capsaicinoids. They are not soluble in water, so…Continue readingASK ME! chili heat

ASK ME! street food safety

• I traveled to Southeast Asia for the first time, and was tempted to buy food from the ubiquitous streetside vendors, but didn’t know if it would be safe. How safe is the noodle soup and satay at the side of the road? – Jenny, Morgan Hill, CA Well, here in Thailand we can tell…Continue readingASK ME! street food safety


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