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Website update and house cleaning

Greetings Fellow Ramblers,

The WordPress software on which this site runs was just upgraded, whole hog. If anyone notices a problem, kindly let us know.

Also, in going through the myriad nooks and crannies of the WordPress control panel, we found several people (okay, 70) had signed up as subscribers with curious names like, “SxyRussianBlondes” and “WetSaranWrap” and “Grwpcnrd.” All such curiosities have been removed. In the unlikely event that you are “WetSaranWrap” and you feel chagrined at the deletion, feel free to re-sign, but with a more prosaic name.

Your Humble Galley Slave,


(the photographer)

2 replies on “Website update and house cleaning”

Hi Karen and Jerry,
You might want to do another search to look for those Spam words. Apparently a bunch of WordPress blogs were hacked recently, with Google removing the blogs from the search index and all that. Upgrading closes the security loophole, but just thought I’d warn you both in case something slipped by.

Thanks for the heads-up, Choppers.
It looks like we’re still a happy member of Google-dom. What we had wasn’t exactly hacking – it seems people created accounts to more easily dump spam in comments. Which perhaps explains why we were getting 500-1000 junk comments a day.

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