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Jemez Mountains

By the time you read this, we should be far west of these views, of the evening sun as it lights the Jemez afire. We should be on a plane, heading west (or east, depending on your perspective; everything is a matter of perspective) across the Pacific to the muggy tropics. It will be a long while before we see these artistic deserts again.

I am glad for parents and their visits. A few weeks ago, mine showed up in New Mexico and the four of us took a little road trip through the mountains. Had we not had visitors, we wouldn’t have taken the time. I know we wouldn’t have. We would have missed lovely Canon del Rio, on the Jemez River. We would have missed the dirt-road drive through 8,000-foot mountains with flowery valleys and crisp air.

We would have missed Los Poblanos, an oasis in the heart of Albuquerque….

Los Poblanos 4

where peacocks roam and greenery grows in a way that disputes your perception of desert. This old hacienda sits on 25 acres in the river valley, sourcing its nutrients from ancient waters that sustained ancient peoples.

Los Poblanos 1

Guests are welcome to pluck organic peaches, pears, apples and nectarines from the trees…..

Los Poblanos 3

and meander a quiet trail circling a lotus pond.

Los Poblanos 2

Beyond views, there are practicalities. The fruits and vegetables grown on the Los Poblanos farm end up in seasonal boxes sent to members of the associated CSA. Good food, good values, with views that I will carry with me, westward, across the Pacific.

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Even more spectacular was the Jemez loop, the unimproved Hwy 126 between Cuba and La Cueva, which snakes through the mountains with green valleys and wildflowers everywhere. At 8,000 feet, the air is cool and pleasant.

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