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Potato Chip Surprise

This one’s for Gary:

We’re in Siem Reap for the annual Angkor Photo Festival. Every night features slide shows, exhibits, book signings, a fair bit of alcohol and not much in the way of dinner. In typical European fashion, everything starts late and runs really, really late.

By midnight on Sunday, we had seen the exhibits, bought a signed copy of John Vink’s new book, drunk a lot of beer and a little wine, and eaten nothing beyond the bits and bobs of appetizers on offer. We were hungry.

We ended up at a bar on Pub Street. We ordered “potato skins,” interpreted as such: deep-fried potato chips topped with melted cheese and thick slabs of bacon. Served with a Khmer-style oniony vinegar on the side.

We ate every bit. After midnight.

What would Helen say?

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