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It Blooms!

Papaya flower

Since we’ve returned from Borneo, our little papaya tree has had two blossoms! If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll already know that our birds are the most generous creatures, dropping little plants across our porch. We’ve eaten chilies, tomatoes and basil, courtesy of the birds. Seems the potential for a little papaya grows each day.

The chilies are doing wonderfully, as well. Jerry calls these chili porn — such perfect little specimens! Take your pick, red or green.

Green chili porn

Red chili porn

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I like the pictures! Unfortunately our birds do nothing as cool as drop off edible plants…they do sing tho.
Your little bird-gift garden is a fabulous example of how plants and animals have adapted to each other. The birds eat the fruits for food and pass the seeds, which is what the plants need to continue propagation!
If you are a fan of plants (as I obviously am) the book The Botany of Desire is all about how plants have “manipulated” humans to their own advantage. A very enjoyable read.
Enjoy the peppers and the papaya! Hopefully you get them before the birds do!

[…] A Papaya in the Works And so it appeared on Christmas Eve! If you’ve followed Rambling Spoon for the past few months, you might recall previous discussion of a little papaya tree brought to us by our dear friends the birds. Our tiny tree bloomed back in August and we patiently awaited the first signs of a fruit. Will it come? Will it ever come? And then on Christmas Eve afternoon I noticed a wee yellow oblong thing, the beginnings of a baby papaya, bathing in the harsh dry-season sunlight of our Chiang Mai porch. Yippee! I will be taking a break in the upcoming week. The in-laws are in town, and we’re whisking them away to Luang Prabang. I don’t expect to be posting much in that time, but I do expect to eat with all-out abandon. That ancient Laotian city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of my favorite eating (and relaxing and exploring) destinations in Asia. Touristy? Of course, but I don’t care. It’s a place where I can sit beside the Mekong, drink a Beerlao, munch on some crispy fried Mekong seaweed and feel utterly inspired to write about the world around me. Plus, the Laotians know how to put on a celebration. So do check back next week for news of our holiday adventures, as well as progress reports on the papaya. May 2007 bring peace and health to all of you. And good food! […]

Enjoying your writings very much, I have just discovered your blog via EatingAsia. There is a chilli that has to be seen to be believed, as far as being food porn ! It’s called Peter Pepper. Seeds are readily available on eBay here in Australia, and I keep meaning to grow some…

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