Book Dates! And an Excerpt

A fisherman on the far eastern edge of East Timor. Read about his community in This Way More Better. Dates are very important. Every writer knows this. Every writer I know waits and worries, frets and fusses in a mixed-bag roller-coaster of celebrated anticipation of THE DATE on which her book is published. We want […]

From Chez Panisse to Thailand—and Back

Kyle Cornforth, Thai corn Now in The Faster Times: Kyle Cornforth tells all about her year away from Berkeley’s Edible Schoolyard, her forays into Thai farming and cooking, and her deep worries about the future of Thai food. Read the story. Some of Kyle’s students learn that lemongrass helps deter snakes from gardens.

2010 Bumrungrad Food Porn Fest

One day last week, with a hunger in our bellies, we set off for Bumrungrad. The hospital, a popular medical tourism destination, sponsored a celebration of healthy foods under the title, “World Famous Flavors of Thailand.” By its own accounts, some 500,000 foreign patient/tourists check into the hospital each year. (Medical tourism is a big, […]

PS: Coriander Root

I didn’t tell you the whole story when I posted the latest Rosi Recipes. That evening, we also ate another David Thompson-inspired recipe for Thai grilled chicken with a marinade heavy on coriander (cilantro) root. This is a critical ingredient of many Thai recipes; how frustrating to find only the leaves in markets around here! […]

Old Coffins, Hot Noodles

Remember, around New Year’s, I mentioned an archaeological mission to see ancient log coffins in northern Thailand? Quite a trip, that was. The article is out in this month’s Archaeology. And while the story covers the history and scientific significance of this rocky terrain up near the Burmese border, it doesn’t say much of the […]

Great New Chiang Mai Restaurant

Meet Grandma Lek (and yes, she is small). She’s the hands and heart behind the food at a fantastic new little Chiang Mai spot called, appropriately, Grandma’s Thai Recipes. There she is above, making one of her specialties, mee krob. Grandma has long cooked for a popular restaurant on one of Chiang Mai’s outer ring […]

Thai Curry for the Weather

I’m a little behind in mentioning this, but we were still in Myanmar when this posted. Remember the Prem Organic Cooking Academy and Farm? I’m impressed with the efforts of this place near Chiang Mai, where kids from all over Asia get down-and-dirty hands-on lessons in traditional Thai kitchen techniques. The academy operates under the […]

End of Season

Racing the storm, Krabi The last days of October dawned gray and rainy. Every afternoon was sheathed in a musty, gloomy air. It was the end of the off-season, the last week before Thailand’s coastal resorts book solid for three straight months. It was the perfect time for Krabi. Granted, I had hoped for more […]

ASK ME! gluten-free Thai, food safety

I’ve been meaning to rejuvenate the ASK ME! department for months, so when I received two questions about Thai food from gluten-free readers on the same day, I figured it was time…. My daughter has celiac, and I noticed you mentioned you are gluten intolerant. I have bought her Thai Kitchen brand noodles a lot, […]