Calm Waters

OK, I’m exhausted but thriving on the words of so many friends on the other side who have written with unconditional support. I miss them, love them, and still worry about their safety. But now I’m going to take you somewhere serene, to a place far away where the horizon keeps a clear, straight line. […]

ASK ME! Sweet Thai Iced Tea

Do you have a recipe for sweet Thai iced tea with lemon instead of the condensed or evaporated milk traditionally used? What spices are used? Thank you very much. —Rose in Massachusetts The thing about Thai iced tea is that condensed milk, cream and/or evaporated milk are key to the traditional recipe, which generally calls […]

Pushing the Pok Pok Cart

Back in January, I had the good fortune to meet a couple of fellow food hounds who happened to be passing through Chiang Mai as I was there. Chef and cookbook author Susan Loomis, on a research trip for her latest tasty project, introduced me to Andy Ricker, owner of Portland’s Pok Pok. We chatted […]

Ginger for the Road

We met a Swedish traveler on the road from Koh Kong to Sihanoukville. She carried a hunk of ginger in her purse, and mid-way through the mountainous drive she pulled out a knife and offered us little slices of the pungent root. What a fantastic idea! I’ve taken her lead and carried my own ginger […]