Will GMOs feed the world? Did anyone ask the hungry?

Thi Thi Oo harvests mustard greens on her land in Shan State, Myanmar, where most villagers spend their entire lives working the farm. Consequently, locals say, “the land is tired.” As families grow, they divide their farmlands among children and grandchildren. So much intensive farming has led to pests, poor harvests and over-use of pesticides. […]

A Look at Land Rights on World Food Day

Danu tribal family farmers heading to their fields in Shan State, Myanmar It’s World Food Day, an annual celebration marking the establishment of the Food and Agriculture Organization, which was founded  in 1945. This year, the day honors family farmers with the theme of “feeding the world, caring for the earth.” The United Nations named […]

Welcome, Baby 7Bn. Are You Hungry?

Happy Halloween, everyone! Today is not just a day of ghosts and goblins. It is, in fact, according to the United Nations, a momentous day in human history. It is the day world population hits 7 billion. True, some population clocks say we have a bit more ticking to do before we reach the big […]