About the Rambler

Welcome to my ramblings on dinner & drink, people & places, our planet’s health & the future of food. I’m a journalist, author and media trainer. My kitchen forever smells of garlic and curry. And much like my mother, I start thinking of dinner long before breakfast….

Travels in Video

TWMB 017


Come, join us in our travels across Asia. Now you can hear the sounds and see the sights in motion. After long hours (hat tip to Jerry) and a fair bit of back-and-forth, we’re introducing the book trailer to This Way More Better. See it here.

What a learning curve! We’re still new to . . . → Ramble More: Travels in Video

The Next Big Things in Books

I’ve been tagged! Jennifer Margulis, author of the forthcoming book The Business of Baby, invited me to participate in a blog meme highlighting authors and their new and forthcoming work. I don’t do a lot of memes—but I’m delighted to take part in this one. I have to break the rules a bit, though. (More . . . → Ramble More: The Next Big Things in Books

Hope and Hard Times in Indian Country

The Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

“Life here is very hand to mouth. Out here, we don’t have the finer things. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. And I’m going to be honest with you, sometimes I don’t eat. I’ve never told anyone this before, not even my mom, . . . → Ramble More: Hope and Hard Times in Indian Country

What a Piti

I’m thinking of piti. I’ve been thinking of piti since the air went cold last week and the temperature slipped to single digits. That’s the sort of weather for piti.

But that isn’t how I had my first taste of this sheep-and-chickpea stew. It’s a specialty of Sheki, in Azerbaijan’s mountainous north. It’s . . . → Ramble More: What a Piti

Happy New Year!

Sailing Club, Kep, Cambodian coast, 2012.


Happy New Year to all! May 2013 bring much peace, good health and happiness (and maybe, if you’re lucky, a couple of those tropical drinks on a breezy coast for a happy-hour view of a monsoon storm rolling in). I’ll be back in a few . . . → Ramble More: Happy New Year!

Darkness, Light

It seemed the right thing to do—to climb a mountain today. Alone.

I find my grounding in nature. When I want to make sense of the world, when I want to catch my breath, I head outside. I don’t necessarily find answers, but I find everything. I find . . . → Ramble More: Darkness, Light

Bad Burger Syndrome

Never again. I will not eat a burger against my better judgment.

This is not a condemnation of meat, or even burgers in general. It’s a red flag raised against our food system and its inherent dangers. Every year, 3,000 Americans die of foodborne illness, 128,000 are hospitalized and 48 million get sick.

I . . . → Ramble More: Bad Burger Syndrome

When the River Runs Dry

Last month our local NPR affiliate, KUNM, aired a story about the Rio Grande and its potential future as a ‘ghost river’ of the American Southwest. Jerry and I know this story. We live less than a mile from its ups and downs. This river is the reason we have . . . → Ramble More: When the River Runs Dry

The Aftermath

In the aftermath, I made turkey spread. Two types: a mish-mash of Mediterranean flavors using olives, capers, and lemon; and a Japanese-inspired version with miso, ginger, tamari and sesame seeds. When life hands you leftovers, make spread.

I hope this season of giving and gratitude is treating each of you kindly. I spent most . . . → Ramble More: The Aftermath

Food Day Tunas

When we bought our house five summers ago, we planted a cactus garden in a hard patch of caliche beneath our westward facing office windows. It seemed the only thing to do.

That little plot of land catches harsh afternoon sun all through the year, . . . → Ramble More: Food Day Tunas