Taxes and Restaurants

The Great American Tax Day has come and gone, and the bags beneath our eyes are that much bigger. Here’s some advice: never keep two freelance journalists, whose jobs entail TRAVELING and EATING, in one household. Never act like two journalists, waiting until the very last minute (a.k.a. deadline) to begin sorting through a year’s worth of receipts. But DO keep all of those little slips of crinkled paper with scribbles of foreign script. The Tax Man actually might want to see them someday, should he come around. But beyond that, you get to ponder the ubiquity of curious restaurant names in this big, wide world. India was great for that. Here are just a few of my favorites:

– Kunga Restaurant (I just love the word. It sounds earthly and tribal. Darjeeling.)
– Dignity (Need I say more? Kolkata.)
– Blue Sky (Something rarely seen through the city grunge. Kolkata.)
– Sun Flower (It made me think happy thoughts, though it was quite possibly the coldest restaurant I’ve ever visited. Darjeeling.)
– Fresh & Juicy (Which is exactly how my innards felt after eating there. Kolkata.)
– Gangaur. (Another word I like. Kolkata.)
– Amalgamated Bean Coffee (Darjeeling.)
– Zurich (Which is about as far as one can be from this place. Kolkata.)
– Veg Restaurant (Simple. To the point. I like it. Kolkata.)
– Hot Stimulating Cafe. (This one gets big points for imagery. Darjeeling.)

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