Last Chance!

Please hurry and get your Menu for Hope bids in! Friday is the last day. As of right now, we have $49,080 pledged for the UN World Food Programme. Let’s try to beat last year’s total of $62,925.12. And great news for all those chile lovers out there: Jerry has agreed to throw in a print of this photo…

Kevisienuo’s kitchen

Naga farmer Kevisienuo stands with a baby on her back and a young daughter beside the kitchen fire. Note the basket of Naga chiles in the beam of sunlight. Kevisienuo has grown, picked and smoked these chiles, just as her ancestors have for centuries.

to go along with the bag of Naga chiles, hottest in the world, straight from the source (prize code AP07). Don’t forget to check the complete list of Asia-Pacific prizes, as well as the worldwide roundup. See full details and instructions here.

Thank you! And merry holidays.

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