Kitchen Revealed

ugliest kitchen

Remember this?

The world’s ugliest kitchen? (Which, by the way, many of you kind readers pointed out may not be THE hands-down ugliest ever seen….. but close enough). Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have moved beyond those days. We have rid our lives of green vinyl and grungy grease stains. We still have a few holes in the walls, a fair bit of trim to install, a metal backsplash that needs finishing. But we are there, generally speaking. The cabinets are in, the appliances, the floor—Cork! Oh, I love our cork floors. I do recommend cork. It’s soft and pliable, easy to clean, allergen-free, eco-friendly and sustainable. Beautiful cork!

And here it is….

kitchen panorama

the view facing southeast.

And yes, that is a front-loading energy-star washing machine next to the refrigerator. That’s where the hook-ups were, and that’s where the machine will stay for now. We contemplated moving it, but it would require heaps of effort and loads of cash to place it elsewhere. So. Until we finish the unfinished room on the southern side of the house…. washer in the kitchen, we have. I have seen many washing machines in Asian kitchens, and it doesn’t bother me in the least. And it’s so quiet, just a gentle whirrrrr barely heard above the buzzing hummingbirds outside. I cut a massive cutting board to size, cured it with walnut oil, and gave ourselves an extra workspace atop the washer.

My favorite part of the kitchen is the back room, a sunny little alcove with two bright windows and a door to the backyard. Not so long ago, it looked like this:

old back room

And now:

sunroom panorama

With my brother’s help, we turned a ratty old closet into shelves, where I now keep some of my cookbooks, food literature and references on nature and the outdoors (and binoculars for spying on birds and bunnies out back).


And that’s it for now, because we have tickets to Singapore in a few days. We will make our momentous shift again, from American life to Asian life; from settled domesticity to itinerant travel. That is, until life calls us home again.

6 thoughts on “Kitchen Revealed

  1. This is cool, and I even like the washer in the kitchen.. Nice job you two!
    have fun overseas.. see ya wehn ya get back!

  2. Thanks, Andy. I think you would like this neighborhood. Last evening we sat in the backyard, drinking white wine, watching a couple of folks ride up the road on horses as the foal across the street did laps around the field.

    Nikkipolani, thank you. To be sure, there were many not-so-fun times in the in-between! We nearly called it quits while finishing the cabinet doors. And the four + weeks without countertops? The two weeks without a toilet? Ech. Functionality is a huge plus these days!

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