Another Island Memory…


The thing about food, for me, is that I spend more time remembering it than eating it. It’s akin to a reporting assignment: I do the deed, then I relive the experience and the situation through the writing of it. It’s the same with food (and travel), in the way I spend hours daydreaming about fantastic meals, recalling flavors and scents, imagining the air as it was that day. I think often of that time in the Perhentian Islands…

7 thoughts on “Another Island Memory…

  1. Karen,
    You’ve just put me in the mood for a holiday! For me it was Langkawi, not as remote but beautiful all the same. The wonderful blue of the sky and water and white sand beaches made for a perfect getaway break. Oh, and the beer was tax free too!!

  2. YES! That is a beautiful thing about Langkawi, duty-free beer. Gotta love those special zones. By Southeast Asian standards, alcohol is rather expensive in much of Malaysia.

    You know, we had hoped to spend time on Langkawi during that trip, but we unknowingly hit the island the night before a major holiday weekend. We found a beach chalet for one night, but the entire island was booked beyond that. So we went east to the Perhentians instead. No reservations needed.

  3. Ooooh, I love Perhentians…it’s so rustic, beautiful, and real. No drunk (sex) tourists like those in Thailand if you know what I mean. 😛

    Actually, another beautiful island around Perhentians is Redang…anyway, paradise. Now I wanted to venture to Sabah to find the next paradise island. 🙂

  4. this pic really caught my eyes when i scroll down the page on your blog. I personally haven’t been to pulau perhentian but have heard about it quite abit from my dad n cousins as they had been there long long time ago…it just bring back memories =)

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