Dinner. Beware.

Black widow

A black widow has taken up residence in one of the outdoor terra cotta lanterns we brought back from Chiang Mai. Here, it prepares a creature of unknown origin for dinner.

We have many black widows, near the garden hose and other cool, damp places around the house. Though highly toxic, the spider’s bites are rarely fatal to humans, as only a small amount of venom is injected. The female black widow does, at times, devour her mate—but not so often as legend would have it. The male is less venemous than the female, and neither is aggressive unless disturbed.

Generally, these spiders go about their own business and I don’t mind their presence—at a distance. I won’t be sticking my fingers into the terra cotta lanterns anytime soon, and I always check my shoes before putting them on.

3 thoughts on “Dinner. Beware.

  1. Wow, Karen you have come a long way- I remember back in the dorms when we would both scream and kill any that crossed our path! Do you remember the spider in my Onion Soup when we were camping- it still gives me chills to think about it. Hope all the remodeling is going well.

  2. Yes! I remember that spider in the soup very well. Good preparation for future Asian eats (and I did find a fly in my pho the other day, in Albuquerque no less).

    Remodeling is going well but much more slowly than hoped. Sorry to say, our OR adventures will have to wait until our return from Asia in December—not the best time of year to drive a U-Haul across the West, but so be it.

  3. Yes, indeed, as Happy says–you have come a long way. Do you remember when you called long distance to ask how you could get rid of the spider in the windowsill without getting close to it?

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