Signs Point Southwest


Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Heading to New Mexico this week! Finally, finally, finally. Got this little bit of news from Albuquerque the other day:

Hi guys,

It's 73 degrees. The sky is crystal clear. There's a light wind. We have all the windows open. We can see hundreds of miles to the snow covered peaks at Mt. Taylor, Socorro, and the Jemez. I'm grilling us some tortilla soup for dinner. We can't wait till you're here. Even Cody is getting anxious... He demonstrated that by pooping on the floor yesterday!

(Cody is the dog, not the brother-in-law.)

Stay tuned for more scenes from the Land of Enchantment….


I love lizards

Chaco runner

Cliff runner


Desert bee

The Burrito Lady

The Burrito Lady (938 Eubank NE, Albuquerque)

8 thoughts on “Signs Point Southwest

  1. A) Cook tortilla on grill
    B) Put in soup
    C) Jab with wooden spoon and scream “WHERE WERE YOU AT 7:30 LAST THURSDAY NIGHT, JAILBAIT?”

  2. Blow Socorro a kiss for me. And if you’re out near San Antonio be sure to stop at the Owl Bar for a chile cheeseburger.

  3. Tom keeps grilling tortilla soup close to his heart…you’ll have to come visit to learn how to do it!
    Our cacti are about to bloom out back, maybe you’ll be able to post another picture of that soon!
    We’re getting ready for another 77 degree day here (sans poop I hope!)

  4. Jerry,
    Regarding the third step in grilling tortilla soup..
    I can’t wait to hear the reason behind that question..

  5. Welcome! And sorry we missed each other. I’m headed back to KL tomorrow nite. If you pass through El Rito (where I’ve been for the last 10 days) be sure to stop at El Farolito. They’re green chile champions but I like the cheese enchiladas red with a side of pozole.
    Enjoy those wide open skies!

  6. Heh. Jerry’s funnys. And Robyn has made me crave green chile. Since there’s no place in Beijing serving that up, I may have to do some cooking!

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