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Welcome to my ramblings on dinner & drink, people & places, our planet’s health & the future of food. I’m a journalist, author and media trainer. My kitchen forever smells of garlic and curry. And much like my mother, I start thinking of dinner long before breakfast….

Orange Light

Just a photo of oranges I have loved and hoarded for quite some time. I had asked Jerry for a picture of citrus to go with a story I’d planned to write about the history of orange juice (a new-ish invention, relatively speaking), Fair Trade farmers in Brazil, and the fungicide fiasco that has added scrutiny to the breakfast table.

But in truth, I’m a little overwhelmed by other tasks, and a little underwhelmed by the idea of writing a serious think piece on oranges right now… someday I will do it. For the moment, however, I have my head wrapped around other critical issues that will come to light soon enough.

So, for now, you get a pretty picture of oranges in a blue bowl. Just looking at that picture makes me happier than thinking about writing about all the complicated stuff.


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