Andy Brouwer Doesn’t Eat Fish

Andy A

Andy B

Andy Brouwer loves Cambodia. Hates fish.

Yes, we’re here in Phnom Penh, where we finally had the pleasure of meeting Cambodia’s Number One fan in person. If you know Cambodia, chances are you know Andy Brouwer. I learned last night that the man, for all his love of this country, doesn’t eat fish — the staple diet of 13 million people. But he did have a lovely experience with a chicken, racing around the yard one minute, cooked on the plate 40 minutes later, thanks to his generous Khmer hosts in the boonies.

Stay tuned for more Cambodia tales (intermittent as they may be). We have friends coming from hither and yon, and a trip to Preah Vihear in the works.

4 thoughts on “Andy Brouwer Doesn’t Eat Fish

  1. Not even prahok? or some trei ngiet slipped surreptitiously into an otherwise dull soup?

    If it wasn’t for the glass and the placemat in that photo, it looks suspiciously like you guys are dining at BB World.

  2. Typical journalist….eye-catching headline!!!
    As subsequently reported by Karen I will eat fish when necessary, which is every Friday back in England, and of course when I’m in the Cambodian countryside…but its not my favourite!
    If you are thinking of making me my favourite meal in Cambodia, its Cambodian chicken curry…with big slices of carrot and potato. I adore chicken and could live on it forever…boy, was I scared when bird flu took shape.
    Thanks for the blog Karen & Jerry…I’m not very comfortable that side of the camera as you can see!!
    Speak soon,

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