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Welcome to my ramblings on dinner & drink, people & places, our planet’s health & the future of food. I’m a journalist, author and media trainer. My kitchen forever smells of garlic and curry. And much like my mother, I start thinking of dinner long before breakfast….

Blog Delight – P.S.

I had originally thought I might be revealing a little too much blog love if I included Global Table Adventure on my list because of all the back-and-forth we did a couple of weeks ago. And then it occurred to me that not all of you have access to the insides of my brain, and not all of you follow my Facebook page, and perhaps some of you have never visited Rambling Spoon before. Just in case you missed my post on East Timor, or Sasha’s posts on East Timor, or the interview she did with me, let me clarify that her blog gets my big vote for a Stylish Blogger Award, too! She’s cooking her way around the world (alphabetically), right from home. Right now, she’s in Egypt—appropriately so—and I’m hungry.

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