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Harvest Weekend

I spent Labor Day weekend in the kitchen. I went home to see the husband—as well as the peaches, tomatoes, grapes, eggplants, peppers, arugula, chard and basil. A quick trip, in all respects. I caught a bus, I boarded a plane (cool thing about Colorado: the RTD, which, with my faculty pass, allowed me a roundtrip ticket between campus and DIA for just $5).

I had so many plans for the abundance that resulted from a few heavy rains in my absence these past few weeks. And I accomplished just a fraction of what I had envisioned.

But still, I made progress. That basil above? And the deep purple variety below? Both went into a massive batch of squash-basil soup, which went straight to the freezer until one winter night, when one or the other or both of us decide to open that tub for a taste of summer.

I made gazpacho, too, with the sweetest little medley of tomatoes in so many shades of red, orange, yellow and purple.

The eggplants had a roasting and a smashing into baba ganoush with plenty of tahini, garlic and lemon.

And the peaches…. We’re working our way through baskets of wonderfully luscious fruits (best after sitting on the counter for a day). But Saturday evening, I took a batch of peach salsa to a little gathering down the road. A simple salsa with a sweet-tangy twist:

Peach Salsa
Seven or eight medium-sized peaches, diced
Chopped white onion and shallot
A little minced ginger
A smidgen each of ground cinnamon and cloves
Several pinches of hot New Mexican chile powder
A little salt
A big squeeze of lime

Mix, let sit a few hours, then eat with chips. And that’s it! All you need is a peach tree to get it started….

7 comments to Harvest Weekend

  • Vicki Menard

    So nice of you to share the story of a quick trip home and time spent in the kitchen. The food looks luscious and the writing is fun. Hope everything’s great with you and Jerry.

  • Val

    Ah, the peach salsa! A highlight of our evening. Thanks again for sharing your garden bounty. We’ve devoured the remaining peaches you left for us earlier this week, and tonight I’m making a version of clafoutis from peaches our neighbor Rowena left on our patio yesterday. We’re blessed with peaches! My favorite.

  • I just found your blog tonight through the Rice & spice Cupboard and I am so glad I did! Your posts are great and your photos beautiful. I can’t wait to read more!

  • Ma Redfern

    So glad to see the bounty from your garden! And that you have found ways to “put food by” for winter. Yum.

  • Congratulations on making it to the top 50 food blogs!

    Gluten Free

  • Beautiful pictures as always. Makes me wish I could find a way to have a garden in this congested smog-ridden city I love (Cairo). I absolutely adore peach salsa (or salsa with any fruit) and of course, baba ghanoush.

  • Thanks, everyone, for your comments! Jerry arrived in Boulder this weekend with a load of tomatoes, chiles, eggplants, peaches, grapes… and I’m missing my garden more than ever.

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