Picture This…

Fall D

A clear sky, a nippy morning. A kayak on a quiet lake. A warming sun that impedes the need for fleece. A bag of chips and a jar of salsa. A flock of geese, the scent of cottonwood, the lapping of paddles in water. On land, a canopy of trees in their cheeriest colors.

Now picture this: a winding trial through forest and prairie, through undulating terrain made by ancient glaciers. A field of flowers, a farmer’s land. A 40-minute run through all of this, past the abandoned camp of an Irish settler who came in 1855. There beside the trail grow the season’s last raspberries — a tiny indulgence, with a sweetness that lingers.

This is why I miss autumn.

Fall Trail

Fall B

Fall H

Fall A

Fall Running

5 thoughts on “Picture This…

  1. Karen,
    Fantastic photographs, autumn here in England is my favourite season, I have just harvested my squashes and pumpkins and they look wonderful drying in the sun. Saying that I keep wishing the time away until my winter holiday in S.E. Asia! A great site, I am delighted to have found it.

  2. Thanks, Miles! I’m back in Bangkok now and just spent a good chunk of a particularly smoggy night racing from one BTS stop to another. A crisp fall evening sounds rather inviting right now.

    Where will you spend your winter holiday?

  3. Hi Karen,
    It’s still 18 degrees here (freezing for you, I know!) Still undecided on holiday location, I was in Singapore in January for ten days, stuffing myself and then walking it off every day! I am yet to visit Vietnam and Cambodia so that could be an option. I am thinking of going out of season in future beause single supplements during peak times takes all of the fun out of it! Hope you’re having a great time in Bangkok, my first green papaya salad with ice cold singha there will live long in the memory. So if that’s what you’re eating and drinking right now I don’t want to know!!

  4. Beautiful pictures, Karen! I think Fall is always one of the busiest times – for whatever reason – perhaps because we are trying to cram in all of the things we didn’t get to do in the summer and settling in for the long haul of winter and all the work that waited until summer had passed us by. This is all even more true in grad school – or is that something lost without the seasons? I keep wondering about what it will be like in Hawaii – if everything will just fade together! But then again, there is the beauty of Autumn that is only found this time of year – as all the imagery your words and pictures invoke, and I’m afraid it will be Fall that I miss most of all. Don’t let all the hustle bustle get the best of you dear! (unlike me!)

  5. It’s fall in New Mexico too! The cottonwoods are turning yellow and the hot air ballons have filled the sky in the morning for the past week. It’s quite spectacular! Unfortunately, fall means the beginning of cold feet at night for me…good thing I have Tom to warm me up (although he might not always appreciate it)!

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