Czech Out These Nuts on The Faster Times

A batch of Angkor brand caramelized coconut peanuts in the making

Today, a new partnership begins. From now on, you will find more of my ramblings on the Food Page of The Faster Times. I’ll be writing twice a month about Food Culture and linking back here with additional information and photos. Remember all those tasty Asian ways with peanuts I mentioned a few weeks ago? As promised, I’m offering the story of Ota Veverka, a native of the Czech Republic, and his Thai wife, Nadchalee Chantakarana, who brought five varieties of jazzed-up nuts to shops and bars across Siem Reap. Curious? Catch their story today on The Faster Times. Meanwhile, have a peek at their little kitchen operation.

Coconut peanuts before cooking

Nadchalee braves the heat, stirring through a half-hour peanut-making mission.

Nadchalee hauls out a batch made earlier that day.

Caramelized black sesame nuts

Angkor Peanuts for sale in Siem Reap only

(Don’t forget to read the story when it posts today on The Faster Times.)

6 thoughts on “Czech Out These Nuts on The Faster Times

  1. Hmm, this is something Bob would really go for. Are the nuts cooked in margarine or butter? And does cooking peanuts really reduce the volume of intestinal gas? (is there a polite way to ask that question?)

  2. The nuts are cooked in margarine. As for intestinal gas, now that’s an interesting question and I’ve just frittered away the last half an hour searching for answers (when I should be sending off a story to an editor). The more I read, the more intrigued I become. This report ( states peanuts do not cause gas. But it directly contradicts other citations I’ve found in reference to cooking peanuts or other legumes in order to reduce unwanted side-effects. Problem is, I have not yet been able to download or directly retrieve those reports (Asian Internet connection). That said, Ota assures us raw peanuts affected him far more than cooked.

  3. Well, I eat peanuts every day. A lot of them. I don’t fart more than usually. It is a nature or not? Fart is healthy, don’t keep it inside. Fart with love. Let others enjoy it. Make fart not war. BTW, pictures are excellent. Better than I can do. I love it.

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