Happy New Year

©2009 Jerry Redfern

Best wishes for a grand new decade! May the new year bring good health, happiness and a life steeped in richness. May you enjoy plenty of fulfilling dinners such as the one pictured above. Lately, we’ve had Hmong food on the brain (and on the tongue), and of course our research involves a plenitude of tasting. What you see above: fragrant beef laap, green papaya and cabbage salad, and a whole roasted chicken swimming in goodness, moistened with coconut and spiced with chiles, peanuts, lime, fish sauce and cilantro—all of this surrounded by friends and family eating and chatting, and warming the house with good cheer. It’s a spread that reflects the evolving Hmong kitchen in America. We’ll show and tell you much more about this cuisine in due time. Meanwhile, celebrate well. Happy New Year!

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