Gluten Sushi Dilemma No More

Soy bag

Several months ago, a Japanese restaurant called Izakaya opened a block away from our condo. Sushi for lunch! Far more tantalizing than the nearby soup stalls that ladle up little bowls of MSG-drenched noodles. It’s no world-renowned sushi, but at least I leave the restaurant with a clear head.

Problem is (was), wheat is the second ingredient in the Izakaya soy sauce, and I just can’t take that much wheat on a weekly basis. And I simply refuse to eat sushi without soy sauce and wasabe. So I finally realized, long overdue, that I could take my own little packet of gluten-free soy sauce to the restaurant and drizzle it over the dish of wasabe. Lo and behold, I have no more reason to forgo the Japanese! This tiny zippered bag, originally stuffed with spices, is courtesy of the Oriental cooking school in Bangkok, where Jerry photographed a story last year. It’s the perfect size for a packet of soy sauce in the purse.

Soy sushi

3 thoughts on “Gluten Sushi Dilemma No More

  1. We had sushi Tuesday night too! What a coincidence.
    I got my favorite, a spider roll, and Tom got his, a rainbow roll.
    Glad to hear you found a way to get around the wheat in the soy (I wonder why they needed to put it there in the first place?)

  2. Unfortunately for the gluten-intolerant, most soy sauces contain wheat. It’s often the second ingredient. But lots of organic and whole-foods stores in the US offer gluten-free varieties. To be honest, it doesn’t taste as good, but at least it saves my stomach.

  3. Can you believe there are TWO. I’ll say that ag in.. TWO sushi places here in Roseburg/Green area.. and they are gooood.. happy happy joy joy I say…

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