Crazy, Wonderful Days

From visits with family to a high-school reunion, from the UN in NYC to the G-20 in PIT: it’s a nonstop week. Stories to come. But let me just say one thing about the group I am escorting this week. My country is their host on this milestone journey—first trip to the US (for most), first time covering the UN, first time riding a subway, first time eating cheeseburgers and seeing the Statue of Liberty. It’s a week of firsts—but one thing recurs. They insist on buying me dinner, just as their colleagues did when I visited their country. Burmese generosity never ceases.

Now then, anybody have suggestions for good, affordable eats in Pittsburgh?

3 thoughts on “Crazy, Wonderful Days

  1. Strip District, not far from downtown,combination of public market and restaurants. Primanti Bros. if you dare. one sandwich would feed your entire delegation!

  2. Thanks, Uncle Al. In the end, we had no time to explore Pittsburgh. The group found a suitable hole-in-the-wall Chinese place near the Summit and Indian food the last night. Otherwise, it was overpriced breakfast and lunch at the convention center.

  3. Sorry, no suggestions here, but you did make me think about how much more you see of your own city/area when you are escorting visitors around. I’ve just been doing the same here in Auckland. I’d be keen to find out what American food they liked.

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