We’re Doing It

I spent almost all of last weekend cleaning and cutting the apples from our tree

and cooking them and blending them

into a variety of sauces—primarily, apple-grape (grapes off the vine) and apple-onion (sweet little onions from the farmers market). I’ve given some away, we’ve eaten a lot with cornbread and fruit for breakfast, and the rest went into the freezer for a later month.

I’ve eaten bunches of grapes while standing over the sink. I’ve made juice, so sweet we had to temper it with water. The rest I froze with hopes of pulling out in an off-season and remembering the scent of these fruits in the end-of-summer air.

But that’s not all. For days, our kitchen table lay buried in tomatoes. And eggplants. And arugula. And basil.

I’ve made tomato soup and zesty tomato sauce. I’ve parboiled whole tomatoes and frozen them for the future. I’ve eaten more arugula salads than even my green-loving gut prefers (arugula-apple pesto, too).

Roasted, salted, drizzled with olive oil. This house is full of tomatoes.

Last night, we shared a wonderful Thai soup and cornbread (yes!) dinner with friends. We got to talking about markets, and I mentioned I had not visited our local Asian market in quite some time. Why? For weeks now, the story remains the same. After a walk through our backyard, a weekly trip to the farmers market and the grateful acceptance of our friends’ super-juicy homegrown yellow melons—we need little else in terms of food. This is enough to keep us in the kitchen with a bountiful table.

This is what we’d imagined months ago when we planted. It’s what we’d envisioned two summers ago when we bought this house. The pomegranates are yet to come. And I haven’t even told you about all those onions and herbs….

6 thoughts on “We’re Doing It

  1. What a magnificent harvest! Reminds one of “Animal, Vegetable,
    Miracle.” Looking forward to tasting all of it.

  2. That sounds brilliant. I get excited enough just using the herbs from my little balcony garden– it sounds fantastic to be growing so much of your own food.

    I just read ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’, and your abundance of tomatoes brought it back to mind. It looks like you’re doing well with that surplus…

    Are you doing this in New Mexico? -X

  3. Your tomatoes look absolutely fabulous, I’ve just started growing veggies this year, I only have a small back yard so I have lots of buckets growing herbs and lots of old tyres which have vegetables growing in them. In hanging baskets I grew small tomatoes – they have been the sweetest, most delicous tomatoes I’ve ever tasted, I think things that you grow yourself always taste so much better!

  4. HGC, I, too, had Barbara Kingsolver running through my mind as I loaded my baskets with tomatoes.

    Thanks, JRR.

    Xander, yes, this is New Mexico. I’m thrilled with the harvest but at times overwhelmed with the work involved!

    UK Foodie, thank you. I’m amazed at how much grows in tiny spaces. And once you’ve tasted your own tomatoes, you’ll have a hard time returning to store-bought!

  5. Glad you enjoyed the Thai soup and cornbread! And many thanks for the jar of apple onion sauce. We’re waiting to make our next batch of cornbread to relish it.

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