Annie Proulx Likes Albuquerque Food

On Saturday, we attended an Annie Proulx lecture, part of the UNM Summer Sunset series. After years of Wyoming conservatism, narrow-mindedness, bad food (her notes) and winters of frigid, howling winds (my note — I despised the wind while living there), Annie has decided to make Albuquerque her home. Or, she’s trying to; her library of 5,000 books makes for an onerous move. In any case, she spent much of the evening praising New Mexico food, especially compared with the “wretched fodder” found up north. Wyoming’s restaurants, she chuckled, sparked her interest in home cooking.

“I like to cook and as you can see, I like to eat,” she said. She enjoys shopping at some of the same markets we do—La Montanita, Talin, Keller’s. And she finds Albuquerque’s restaurants preferable to the “tourist mosh pits” of Santa Fe. “Sad to say, I’ve found most Santa Fe restaurants over-praised,” she said.

Food isn’t her only lure to Albuquerque. Proulx loves the way the Sandias hug the city’s east side, and she appreciates the volcanoes to the west. She noted an abundance of independent and used bookstores—more and better shops between Albuquerque and Santa Fe than in New York, she said. And she cheered the open-minded, thinking people who live in this city. Proulx is intrigued by the area’s diversity and its heritage. “There is little more pleasurable than learning a new place and its history,” she said.

5 thoughts on “Annie Proulx Likes Albuquerque Food

  1. What places have you discovered in Albuquerque that you like at a good price? I’ll give them a try when we’re back next April if mention a couple. As for us, it may be a mosh pit, but we never miss a trip to The Shed and love Santa Fe despite the tourist overlay. We spend most of our time between The Shed and Canyon Road, but we’re amateurs. Again, your suggestions will be tried, if cheap enough. 🙂

  2. Andy,
    As I’m sure you know, you can drop a lot of money on food in Albuquerque — some of it worth the expense, some of it not. Here are four CHEAP but delicious spots we’ve loved:

    Pupuseria on Bridge.

    Taco trucks on Hwy 47, south of downtown (but north of the Isleta Pueblo).

    El Mezquite Market, several branches with lunch counters and an array of Mexican meats and stews.

    Pho Saigon, one of Albuquerque’s best bowls of pho (especially beef) with a great broth.

  3. I finally came back to check your recommendations. I’ll copy this and try not to lose it. Love the range of suggestions from taco trucks to brewed beer — and pho (although we’ll be having some very good and cheap Pho at Golden Deli in Monterrey Park (LA) before coming to Albuquerque.

    In case your watching the comments, I wonder you (Jerry) could recommend a place to show photos from Cambodia. I’d love to arrange something in advance and have a simple exhibition.

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