One in the Kitchen

One set of new chopsticks Jerry left me in Boulder with a tiny kitchen and dishes for one. He shopped at a local culinary fun house (which I’ve yet to explore) and found a pretty set of new chopsticks, Japanese style, with bright red tops and little yellow squiggle designs. But only one pair. Only […]

One is the Dirtiest Number…

So Karen went and left me for 10 days to gallivant about Costa Rica, and I remembered what happens when guys are left alone in a house for a few days: But I did manage to get a hammock up in the back yard. It’s a matter of priorities. And, yes, I did clean the […]

Assembling Home

Vernal equinox 2008 Many people have asked me what it was like to weed through a life that had been stowed for six years. Six years! Life, locked up and left alone. How did I feel? Mostly I felt sneezy and itchy. In Oregon, six years in a metal room means mold. And mice. And […]

These Bowls

Have I told you about these bowls? I don’t think I have, althouth some of you may have heard me talk about them in another venue. The contents of these bowls are not so remarkable (though tasty—stir-fried tofu with miso, cabbage with ginger and garlic). What’s intriguing is the story of how these bowls came […]