Wet Noodle

A noodle is not a noodle is not a noodle across the streets of Southeast Asia. There are so many noodles, so many soups, and so little time. But we find an excellent little khao piak shop — no name, no menu, no sign — around the corner from our Vientiane guesthouse, and this noodle […]

Gluten-Free Summer Celebration Pasta

Eggplant roasting on our little back-porch grill Earlier this week, I turned an age that my brother informs me is “undeniably what could be referred to as ‘middle-aged.’” Perhaps. But I’ve lived many interesting lives in those years and I am rich in memories. And in any case, my brother will always be 13 years […]

Breakfast in Burma

A woman in the Shan State of Burma coaxes her cooking fire Last week, one of the Burmese journalists in the IMMF class gave me a package of mohinga. What a gift! Mohinga is a national dish of Burma, frequently eaten for breakfast. It’s a rich fish-based broth with rice noodles, turmeric, ginger, onion, chili, […]