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Welcome to my ramblings on dinner & drink, people & places, our planet’s health & the future of food. I’m a journalist, author and media trainer. My kitchen forever smells of garlic and curry. And much like my mother, I start thinking of dinner long before breakfast….

The Rosi Recipes #6: Balloons & Posole

We had a thoroughly New Mexican set of days last weekend. That perfectly pellucid sky. Those finger-nipping morning temps, which burn into bright sun-lit afternoons. Sandhill cranes chortling overhead. Enormous balloons. And posole.

Last weekend marked the tail end of the 2009 International Balloon Fiesta, and this year marked our first chance . . . → Ramble More: The Rosi Recipes #6: Balloons & Posole

PS: Coriander Root

I didn’t tell you the whole story when I posted the latest Rosi Recipes. That evening, we also ate another David Thompson-inspired recipe for Thai grilled chicken with a marinade heavy on coriander (cilantro) root. This is a critical ingredient of many Thai recipes; how frustrating to find only the leaves in . . . → Ramble More: PS: Coriander Root

A Taste of Costa Rica: Part I

I’ve taken you on a visual tour of Arenal, and now I’ll guide you through a little Costa Rican food. We have, above, a typical scene of fruits and veggies hanging from a shop wall (these I found in the tiny town of Tilaran). I love the colors in Costa Rica, everything . . . → Ramble More: A Taste of Costa Rica: Part I

Chile, Es Natural

It’s Saturday, my first day in Costa Rica. My niece takes us on a quiet little tour of Miramar, the small town she has called home for two months. We visit the ATM. It gives us a message: “You took too much time taking your money so the bank will keep it.” . . . → Ramble More: Chile, Es Natural

The Rosi Recipes #4: Japanese Crusted Tofu with Hmong Accompaniments

It’s true, I’m back at home after a delicious little trip to Costa Rica. As soon as I sort through photos and notes, I’ll tell you about coffee production, gallo pinto, topes and toucans. But right now, it’s time to catch up on a few Rosi recipes and introduce you . . . → Ramble More: The Rosi Recipes #4: Japanese Crusted Tofu with Hmong Accompaniments

One Taste, One Good Book

A splotched cookbook is always the sign of a good one. A tomato-stained, water-warped, onion-scented cookbook means it’s more than just a reference for the shelf. And when you find the pages of such a cookbook caked together after your very first tango in the kitchen with it—well, then, you know you . . . → Ramble More: One Taste, One Good Book

‘Tis the Season

OK, so I’ve been holding out on you. Not really holding out, but in the craziness and business of the past few weeks, I’ve neglected to mention the season. It’s chile time! The harvest is in, the air scented with roasted peppers. It hit me with a smoky punch the other day . . . → Ramble More: ‘Tis the Season

Peace and Chiles

This photo was taken at a breakfast table in Laos earlier this year. Chiles and lime to go with noodle soup. I just happened to come across the photo again today, Sept. 11, seven years after the events that dramatically changed our nation and much of the world. The picture . . . → Ramble More: Peace and Chiles

Hangover Noodles

Wow! Where did that week go? We’ve been lost in the month-long haze that precedes our overseas departures. Always, so much to do and never enough time to finish them. By Friday night, we’re ready for a diversion.

Which is precisely what happened the Friday before last. We . . . → Ramble More: Hangover Noodles

How to Eat Heat Like a Naga

In keeping with the Naga theme, I thought it might be helpful to offer a couple of recipes. You can read about the Nagas to get a sense of who they are. Then eat their food, and you will understand far better. Of course, villagers rely almost entirely on locally grown ingredients, so some substitutions . . . → Ramble More: How to Eat Heat Like a Naga