The Long Haul to Phongsali

Dinner in Udomxai: spicy tam maak hung (Lao papaya salad) with padek, and Lao khao soi (noodle soup with pork-tomato-chile sauce and lots of fresh herbs) It took four days to travel overland from Chiang Mai to Sophoon, in the northern Lao province of Phongsali, where we camped in the village dispensary with Jim Harris […]

Happy New Year

Best wishes for a grand new decade! May the new year bring good health, happiness and a life steeped in richness. May you enjoy plenty of fulfilling dinners such as the one pictured above. Lately, we’ve had Hmong food on the brain (and on the tongue), and of course our research involves a plenitude of […]

Thanksgiving Nibbles

I’m getting a head start, but I fear I made these pecans a bit too early. They won’t last until Thursday. I do believe these are the liveliest pecans I’ve ever tasted, and I can’t keep them out of my mouth or my husband’s claws. I came across the recipe for Candied Chile Pecans a […]

The Rosi Recipes #6: Balloons & Posole

We had a thoroughly New Mexican set of days last weekend. That perfectly pellucid sky. Those finger-nipping morning temps, which burn into bright sun-lit afternoons. Sandhill cranes chortling overhead. Enormous balloons. And posole. Last weekend marked the tail end of the 2009 International Balloon Fiesta, and this year marked our first chance to witness the […]

PS: Coriander Root

I didn’t tell you the whole story when I posted the latest Rosi Recipes. That evening, we also ate another David Thompson-inspired recipe for Thai grilled chicken with a marinade heavy on coriander (cilantro) root. This is a critical ingredient of many Thai recipes; how frustrating to find only the leaves in markets around here! […]

A Taste of Costa Rica: Part I

I’ve taken you on a visual tour of Arenal, and now I’ll guide you through a little Costa Rican food. We have, above, a typical scene of fruits and veggies hanging from a shop wall (these I found in the tiny town of Tilaran). I love the colors in Costa Rica, everything painted upbeat and […]

Chile, Es Natural

It’s Saturday, my first day in Costa Rica. My niece takes us on a quiet little tour of Miramar, the small town she has called home for two months. We visit the ATM. It gives us a message: “You took too much time taking your money so the bank will keep it.” It’s just a […]

One Taste, One Good Book

A splotched cookbook is always the sign of a good one. A tomato-stained, water-warped, onion-scented cookbook means it’s more than just a reference for the shelf. And when you find the pages of such a cookbook caked together after your very first tango in the kitchen with it—well, then, you know you have a winner. […]

‘Tis the Season

OK, so I’ve been holding out on you. Not really holding out, but in the craziness and business of the past few weeks, I’ve neglected to mention the season. It’s chile time! The harvest is in, the air scented with roasted peppers. It hit me with a smoky punch the other day when I entered […]