Mouhot’s Cambodia: Tasting Notes

There are always stories behind stories. When we write an article for publication, there are characters we edit out, anecdotes we omit, details we cut for brevity or clarity. Much is left in the notebook for another day, another place… or never at all and nowhere to be seen. Only a smidgen of all we…Continue readingMouhot’s Cambodia: Tasting Notes

Hungry Farmers Are Losing Land

Meet Chhek Sambo. She lives in a village not too far from Siem Reap, a burgeoning town of tourists who flock to the ancient Angkor temples. It’s a hip place to be, routinely noted as such on lists of the world’s top tourist cities. You can get a $2 hour-long foot massage, drink $2 happy…Continue readingHungry Farmers Are Losing Land

Czech Out These Nuts on The Faster Times

A batch of Angkor brand caramelized coconut peanuts in the making Today, a new partnership begins. From now on, you will find more of my ramblings on the Food Page of The Faster Times. I’ll be writing twice a month about Food Culture and linking back here with additional information and photos. Remember all those…Continue readingCzech Out These Nuts on The Faster Times

Khmer BBQ on the Bayon Walls

We did something the other day that we hadn’t done in ages: we became tourists for a day. Just as the morning sun cast its butter-colored rays across Siem Reap, we caught a tuk-tuk to the temples. With one-day passes in our pockets, we joined the throngs at Angkor (my, how things have changed!). I’ve…Continue readingKhmer BBQ on the Bayon Walls

Dinner for 1, w/Phone & Grin

So you’re a young Khmer guy in the big town of Siem Reap, and you’re out for dinner—alone. But your honey is on the phone, and your grin gives that fact away. You chat and chat with that grin real wide until the fried rice comes to the table. Then you wield the little black…Continue readingDinner for 1, w/Phone & Grin

See Unscared

Anyone who can’t make it to 4Faces in Siem Reap during the next month is welcome to visit 63Beds (that other on-again off-again travel blog of ours, which is now fully functional) for an online slideshow of Jerry’s exhibit, Be Unscared: A Glimpse of the Cambodian Spirit World in the Everyday.” Scroll over the pictures…Continue readingSee Unscared

Be Unscared: Catch the Photo Exhibit in Siem Reap

If you happen to be in the vicinity, please join us this Saturday at 4Faces Gallery in Siem Reap, Cambodia, for the opening of Jerry’s new photo exhibit. “Be Unscared: A Glimpse of the Cambodian Spirit World in the Everyday,” explores the many ways in which Cambodians look to their guardians for good health, safety…Continue readingBe Unscared: Catch the Photo Exhibit in Siem Reap

Mohinga Update

Serving mohinga in Pathein Just a few days after we met the owners of Ancient House, we learned they would be leaving. Their small Siem Reap business couldn’t outlast the economic crisis, so they’ve decided to sell. If they get a decent price, perhaps they’ll go home. If not? Too many people are asking themselves…Continue readingMohinga Update

An Ode to a Grandmother

When we first arrived in Phnom Penh, in early March, all of the young waiters at the Veiyo Tonle restaurant had shaved their heads. With great sadness, manager Neth informed us their beloved Grandma had died that week and she was cremated that day. Many on staff had come through the New Cambodian Children’s Life…Continue readingAn Ode to a Grandmother

The Truth of the Matter

Dirty dishes, Siem Reap roadside rain Some days, I just don’t care very much about food. I go through moods and, at times, all I want to do is feed the machine so it keeps on churning. And sometimes, as in this week past, I suffer a gut bug and I take drugs (not very…Continue readingThe Truth of the Matter