A Tent, A Fire

We went camping. I LOVE camping. We don’t do it often enough. I suppose it would be something of a strange concept to many of the people we meet in our Asian travels—they already live in bamboo homes with breezes sneaking through cracks in the walls and creatures of the night prowling outside. The stars…Continue readingA Tent, A Fire

A Day Alone at Doi Angkhang

Something I’ve been holding onto for a long time… (Jerry wasn’t on this trip, so photos are courtesy of my unprofessional eye.) Sunset at Doi Angkhang I’m in the far northern hills of Thailand, near the border with Burma’s Shan State. This land goes up and down, in steep terrain that villagers climb by foot…Continue readingA Day Alone at Doi Angkhang

Signs Point Southwest

Chaco Culture National Historical Park Heading to New Mexico this week! Finally, finally, finally. Got this little bit of news from Albuquerque the other day: Hi guys, It’s 73 degrees. The sky is crystal clear. There’s a light wind. We have all the windows open. We can see hundreds of miles to the snow covered…Continue readingSigns Point Southwest

Look What the Birds Dropped In!

Gifts of the birds We have a lot of birds and we have a rather large compost bin, which fetches our breakfast fruit scraps and all the vegetable remnants of dinner. Sometimes the birds like to play around in the compost heap, then flitter over to the bird bath for a dunk. Back and forth…Continue readingLook What the Birds Dropped In!

Back at the Ranch

It’s been a long, productive haul. Seven weeks away, but we’re back in Chiang Mai now. And it’s lovely! The smoke has cleared, everything’s green, the teak leaves have sprung forth, our frangipani trees have gone nuts (the tree at our front entrance has five new branches with flowers!), our chili plant is growing tall…Continue readingBack at the Ranch