Two New Books and a Paperback

I’ve been itching to announce this, but I resisted until a little Express mail package arrived at our door. Jerry and I have just signed two book deals with ThingsAsian Press. In addition, I recently learned that Bison Books will publish a paperback edition of Pacific Lady next year. Specific publication dates have not yet…Continue readingTwo New Books and a Paperback

Pacific Lady Reunion

Sharon, on Sea Sharp, departing for Hawaii (photo courtesy of Jason Hailey) For those of you in the greater Seattle area: my co-author, Sharon Sites Adams, is headed your way this weekend. For the first time in four decades, she will see again the boat that took her to Hawaii in 1965. If you’re interested…Continue readingPacific Lady Reunion

It’s Here!

You know those weeks? Those weeks that start with a headache and an annoying batch of mail (someday soon, when I’m ready, I’ll tell you why you will NOT be reading my regular reports on Beijing Olympics food….), but then a box arrives and suddenly everything turns brighter. Pacific Lady is a hardcover in the…Continue readingIt’s Here!

A Cover…

Some books feel like forever. You write and pitch and write and edit and rewrite and plan and write some more. Weeks turn to months turn to years; so long, you almost (but of course never really) forget. But then one day, you get an ISBN number (978-0-8032-1138-4) and a cover, and you remember: it’s…Continue readingA Cover…

Sea Food

(Photos courtesy of Sharon Sites Adams) Sharon in her sailor’s suit Right about this time of year, 42 years ago, Sharon Sites Adams learned to sail. She loved her newfound hobby so much, she bought a boat and christened it the day before Thanksgiving. A few weeks later while writing Christmas cards in the harbor,…Continue readingSea Food