Getting to Know My Kitchen Again

We are home, and I am getting to know my kitchen again. I have been away so long, I find myself reaching for the wrong drawer when I want a fork. I can’t find the pots I want. The stove buttons feel foreign, the refrigerator door feels heftier than normal. But now, for a little…Continue readingGetting to Know My Kitchen Again

100 Years of Honoring Women

A hilltribe woman named Ya totes a basket of meat along a dirt road through rural northeastern Cambodia. Today marks a century since International Women’s Day began. The day has roots in labor disputes amid global industrialization, and the fights for women’s rights to work, vote, hold office and pursue dreams without discrimination. How far…Continue reading100 Years of Honoring Women

Food Photography: Notes from the Kitchen Studio

A number of readers have commented on the photography here, sometimes with questions about lighting and technique. So we have today a guest post by the photographer himself, my dear husband, Jerry Redfern. As some of you might know, Jerry is a photojournalist with nearly 20 years of experience in an evolving profession—from newsroom darkrooms…Continue readingFood Photography: Notes from the Kitchen Studio