An International Women’s Day Tribute to Farmers

This is Peace. She lives in a packed-earth home in Kashunika Village, Nyagatare District, in the far northeastern corner of Rwanda*…. … and these are some of Peace’s bananas. They’re important. These bananas have given her new hope. A while back, Peace was ill with a condition that cost her both time and money. She…Continue readingAn International Women’s Day Tribute to Farmers

100 Years of Honoring Women

A hilltribe woman named Ya totes a basket of meat along a dirt road through rural northeastern Cambodia. Today marks a century since International Women’s Day began. The day has roots in labor disputes amid global industrialization, and the fights for women’s rights to work, vote, hold office and pursue dreams without discrimination. How far…Continue reading100 Years of Honoring Women

Honoring the Women Who Feed Us

Sokheng is 16. She grew up in Prey Veng province but left home to work in a bread factory, cooking meals for 20 or 30 sweaty, hungry young men who make the little baguettes sold everywhere on Phnom Penh’s streets. She tends the charcoal fires in a dark nook beside the blazing ovens that inspire…Continue readingHonoring the Women Who Feed Us