Season of Thanks & Giving

Shu feeds her daughter, Ngoc Chau, at a dinner with her Hmong co-workers and trainees in Sapa, northern Vietnam. I’m breaking all the rules this week. It’s Thanksgiving, this is a food blog, and I’m not posting a single holiday recipe. Gasp! I know. But the truth is, I’m thinking more about life and less…Continue readingSeason of Thanks & Giving

Hemp Milk

It’s not what you think. Well—it is but it isn’t. That is indeed a pretty white glass of milk surrounded by the lovely green leaves of cannabis sativa. Marijuana milk. Pot juice. Call it what you will, but it won’t make you high. Though hemp milk is made from the pulverized seeds of the same…Continue readingHemp Milk

Hmong Cooking on a Cold Winter Night

A melt-in-your-mouth pork with caramelized sweetness and the contrasting flavors of bell pepper and crisp green onion. Amy Vue, of the Rice Palace Restaurant in Milwaukee, says she grew up eating this dish. It feels worlds away and ages ago, those crisp wintry days (and nights) we spent in Wisconsin shortly after Christmas. Jerry and…Continue readingHmong Cooking on a Cold Winter Night