Hot Naga Chile-Chocolate Sauce, Oh My

Hello readers, I’m here! (Some of you have asked.) I haven’t abandoned you, or this site, or my commitment to food. But the year so far has kicked me in the pants with deadlines, book promotions, travel prep and plans for a little shake-up here at Rambling Spoon. The next time you come around, we…Continue readingHot Naga Chile-Chocolate Sauce, Oh My

Woman With Meat (And Other Notes From the Road)

Ya carries her basket of beef along the road between Ban Lung and Ou Chum in Cambodia’s Ratanakkiri province. As some of you know, I’m at work finishing a collection of travel essays to be published next year. In the past few months, I’ve wandered aimlessly (and pointedly) for hours through old notebooks and files…Continue readingWoman With Meat (And Other Notes From the Road)

Let’s Connect

You might notice a couple of wee changes on The Rambling Spoon today. Check to your left, and you’ll now find buttons for Facebook and Twitter. Yep, RS is now connected and I hope you’ll join. If you like this site, become an RS fan on Facebook and follow the Spoon on Twitter. If you’d…Continue readingLet’s Connect