Insomnia, Nostalgia: Notes on Becoming a Food Writer

A sleepless night recently led to reminiscing about becoming a food writer. That story is now in The Faster Times. It recalls my early proposal for an article on a Phnom Penh coffee shop. Gourmet eventually bought that story, but ran only a fraction of the piece as commissioned—all writers understand the constraints of space.…Continue readingInsomnia, Nostalgia: Notes on Becoming a Food Writer

Morning Coffee, Winter Dark

Cold kitchen, hot kettle, northern light. I move with the light. December slows me down, and I feel like the distant sun: barely rising on these short, dim days before falling out of view again. I haven’t spent the 12th month so far north in such a long time. The alarm pries me from a…Continue readingMorning Coffee, Winter Dark

Hope in a Coffee Mug

It’s my favorite mug every morning (thanks, Aye!), but especially during this historic week. It gets me going. It starts the day with a dose of hope.Continue readingHope in a Coffee Mug

Costa Rican Coffee Tour

This week, we’re drinking the last of the coffee I brought back from Costa Rica. I returned last summer with bags and boxes and tins of dark roast, light roast, decaf (for my mother-in-law), eco-friendly organic, shade-grown, ground and whole bean. For months, we’d simply head to the freezer after finishing a package. But it’s…Continue readingCosta Rican Coffee Tour