The Right to Be a Child

Two Indian boys, the children of tea plantation workers in Darjeeling, gather plant trimmings they will use to heat their homes. During winter months, the tea plants are dormant, but plantation workers trim the dead branches for fuel. This week marks 20 years since the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the…Continue readingThe Right to Be a Child

Old Coffins, Hot Noodles

Remember, around New Year’s, I mentioned an archaeological mission to see ancient log coffins in northern Thailand? Quite a trip, that was. The article is out in this month’s Archaeology. And while the story covers the history and scientific significance of this rocky terrain up near the Burmese border, it doesn’t say much of the…Continue readingOld Coffins, Hot Noodles

The Rosi Recipes

We’re home! And we have a new member of the extended family. Meet Rosi, our darling niece. She loves to eat and burp and lots of other things—she’ll fit right into this crowd. Now, anyone out there with a 2-month-old knows the difficulty of the dinner hour. So I’ve decided to cook dinner once a…Continue readingThe Rosi Recipes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Arrested and Deported

We’ve been fielding calls and emails from around the world. Below is our official press release regarding our arrest and deportation: Monday, May 11, 2009 BANGKOK—The two of us were detained in Mandalay on the evening of Wednesday, May 6, and deported to Bangkok the following night. The arrest came within hours after we had…Continue readingFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Arrested and Deported


Spicy dog eyes Yangon curry We are back. It’s a short flight from Yangon to Bangkok, barely an hour, but it feels like a journey between worlds. Time jumps forward at touchdown: 9:30 a.m. in Burma is 10 a.m. in Bangkok. The former sets a pace 30 minutes askew to the rest of the region.…Continue readingReturn

The Kitchen Pharmacy

In Asia, food is more than sustenance. It’s medicine. It’s the key to long life. The world’s oldest healing sciences, such as Ayurveda, rely on diet as a means to healthy body, mind and spirit. “Without a proper diet, medicines are of no use; with a proper diet, medicines are unnecessary,” notes the Charaka Samhita,…Continue readingThe Kitchen Pharmacy

Pacific Lady Reunion

Sharon, on Sea Sharp, departing for Hawaii (photo courtesy of Jason Hailey) For those of you in the greater Seattle area: my co-author, Sharon Sites Adams, is headed your way this weekend. For the first time in four decades, she will see again the boat that took her to Hawaii in 1965. If you’re interested…Continue readingPacific Lady Reunion

Are There Any Good Food Writers?

A peculiar conversation has developed in one little corner of the food blogosphere, which has led to another chat, and another beyond that. At issue are questions on whether good food writers, good food writing, and readers of such people and things exist. The comment that sparked this forum: “I honestly can’t think of another…Continue readingAre There Any Good Food Writers?

El Premio Arte y Pico

The sweet, wonderful, witty Michelle at Accidental Scientist has bestowed this blog with the El Premio Arte y Pico award! I’m honored and thrilled, and particularly delighted that readers find such value in the words and pictures here. (Jerry, the photographer/designer/editor/fix-it man, is equally elated. Although, after a contemplative grin, he did ask, “Does this…Continue readingEl Premio Arte y Pico

Wine for Thought

Well, in honor of Patrick Hemingway’s 80th birthday, I thought I would share a few of his father’s wise words, which I happened to come across last week: “In Europe then we thought of wine as something as healthy and normal as food and also as a great giver of happiness and well being and…Continue readingWine for Thought