What the US could learn from the #SaveMyanmar movement

I sit with an Aung San Suu Kyi coffee mug, listening to the BBC, and suddenly I can’t stop my tears. My heart rips for the people of Myanmar, some of the most dogged (small-d) democrats I have ever known—and now, they’ve just lost their toehold in democracy. Early Monday morning, the country’s armed forces…Continue readingWhat the US could learn from the #SaveMyanmar movement

Hope in a Coffee Mug

It’s my favorite mug every morning (thanks, Aye!), but especially during this historic week. It gets me going. It starts the day with a dose of hope.Continue readingHope in a Coffee Mug

Pepper that Cocktail!

We have much to celebrate and even more to ponder this weekend, as many happenings converge. So pull up a chair and pour yourself a glass of this: nimbu pani, an Indian “lime and pepper refresher,” with recipe courtesy of Christine McFadden and her book, appropriately named, Pepper (wonderful book, and I can’t wait to…Continue readingPepper that Cocktail!