Travels in Video

Come, join us in our travels across Asia. Now you can hear the sounds and see the sights in motion. After long hours (hat tip to Jerry) and a fair bit of back-and-forth, we’re introducing the book trailer to This Way More Better. See it here. What a learning curve! We’re still new to this,…Continue readingTravels in Video

Food Miles, Southeast Asian Style

Buses stop at the Nam Ou River in Muang Khua, Laos. Tiny town it is, but it sits on a major trade route linking Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. I’ve been thinking a lot about the journeys my dinners endure. The more I read, the more I learn, the more trouble I have shaking the numbers:…Continue readingFood Miles, Southeast Asian Style

Two New Books and a Paperback

I’ve been itching to announce this, but I resisted until a little Express mail package arrived at our door. Jerry and I have just signed two book deals with ThingsAsian Press. In addition, I recently learned that Bison Books will publish a paperback edition of Pacific Lady next year. Specific publication dates have not yet…Continue readingTwo New Books and a Paperback