Wisdom in the Kitchen

Lumpy, bumpy Kaffir limes I’ve been meaning to do this for a very long time: compile a list of culinary tips I’ve accrued through years of shadowing Asia’s cooks—from the hoity-toity kitchen classrooms of luxury resorts, to the dirt-floor huts of mothers who carry on their ancestors’ recipes.  Take a gander at that list, now…Continue readingWisdom in the Kitchen

I Heard a Wok

It’s amazing the way sound becomes embedded in our psyche. I went for a run through the neighborhoods around Chautauqua, here in Boulder, and I heard it: the unmistakable clank of a spatula against a wok. I followed the sound and peeked through a fence to find a little backyard rotunda, obviously an outdoor kitchen…Continue readingI Heard a Wok