Food, AP Style

Oh, how I remember that little blue book, the spiral-bound bible of the newsroom. I bought my first copy as a freshman in journalism school. It got me through Sharon Barrett’s editing class. It taught me the difference between further and farther, the plural of bus, the origins of Skid Road and Skid Row, the…Continue readingFood, AP Style

Sunderban Curry Saves Cyclist from Taliban

This is a story about the best and worst of life, a story that cheers humanity’s goodness yet shames its evil. An Indian cyclist aims to circle the globe, to teach the world about AIDS. He pedals through remote Afghanistan, his 33rd country. The Taliban capture him. They tie him up for 24 days. He…Continue readingSunderban Curry Saves Cyclist from Taliban

The Rosi Recipes #3: A Silk Road Gourmet Meal

I’m getting behind in my Rosi posts, and this one is out of order. But I wanted to write this now, to give you right now a glimpse of Laura Kelley’s fabulous new cookbook, The Silk Road Gourmet (available soon through Amazon and Barnes & Noble; have a look at Laura’s website for further details).…Continue readingThe Rosi Recipes #3: A Silk Road Gourmet Meal

To Market, to Market We Bike!

Last month, I was so psyched at the thought of returning to summer in New Mexico. Blue skies, plenty of sun, mountains to climb, trails to ride, tomatoes to grow! If only. If only, I thought then, we had a farmers market nearby. The closest venues required a drive north to Albuquerque or south to…Continue readingTo Market, to Market We Bike!

Links Galore

I must confess, I’ve been a little frantic these past couple of weeks, and it’s only going to get worse until we leave the country at month’s end. I’m a little behind on all I had hoped to do. But I want to take the time to express my dear thanks to Margaret, of Tea…Continue readingLinks Galore

The Other Things I Do

Food consumes a large part of my life, my time, my work, my brain, my belly. But it’s not everything. And some days, for a few brief moments, my other work makes me think — pause — this whole food thing is trivial. Not that it isn’t important. It’s vitally important, and ever more so…Continue readingThe Other Things I Do

Some Days

Some days in Cambodia are like the soup. Some days I wake to a thick, rich bowl of rice porridge, lots of flavor, creamy in a buttery sort of way. But some mornings, it’s a thin bowl of rice and water, thoroughly uninspiring and an ominous start to the day. Like today. Today begins with…Continue readingSome Days