Everything on a Stick

Ah, memories of Laos! That’s Jerry above with a bus-stop porksicle. It’s safe to say Laos has some of the best bus-station food in the world. (We think.) Plump grilled chicken (free-range, of course), buttery grilled fish, sticky rice and jaew. Bugs and frogs, too, should you desire them (we didn’t). And when you’re on…Continue readingEverything on a Stick

Sick Chicken

The other day, in a tiny Lave tribal village, we asked whether the people knew about bird flu. “Oh yes,” a woman who runs the village restaurant told us. “All of our chickens died last month. It happens every year.” “Really?!?” we asked. “What have you done with the dead birds?” “We ate them.” —–…Continue readingSick Chicken

ASK ME! market travel

My husband and I are planning some Southeast Asian travel revolving around food markets. Wonder if you have any favorite food markets, defined any way you like — size, what’s on offer, outgoing vendors, unusual/interesting produce, setting, etc. — Robyn, Kuala Lumpur Thanks for the question, Robyn. Here are some of my favorites. I’d be…Continue readingASK ME! market travel

Tea on the Table

It’s a simple thing, but I appreciate it. In many Asian countries, local restaurants provide a pitcher or pot of tea for every table. In the cold north of China, Tibet and Vietnam, hot little teacups warm the fingers on frigid, foggy mornings. Closer to the equator in Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, the tea…Continue readingTea on the Table

My Favorite Cukes

We’re in the little village of Pa-am, in Attapeu province, looking at a Soviet-era anti-aircraft missile that sits fully intact in the village square. (Actually, it’s more of a triangle of dirt). The missile faces the Ho Chi Minh Trail. And here at a little restaurant across the street, I eat My Favorite Cukes. These…Continue readingMy Favorite Cukes

Welcome Back…

… and many apologies for the snafu. Just a few days after we got everything up and running, our webhost had a major server crash. Of course, this happened just as we were leaving on an overland trip into Cambodia and Laos. We’re here in Phnom Penh now, and we’ve managed to restore most of…Continue readingWelcome Back…