Letter From Lithuania: On Food and Liberty

A former editor at the University of Nebraska Press, Nina Shevchuk-Murray, recently wrote to me from her new home in Lithuania, where her husband has been posted on a Fulbright. Nina, originally from Ukraine, has kindly allowed me to post here this most interesting of emails, “On Food and Liberty.” (By the way, I like…Continue readingLetter From Lithuania: On Food and Liberty

A Fern for What Ails Ya

More than 500 fern species grow in Malaysia, and we ate one or two of them a day in Borneo. (More than 11,000 fern varieties inhabit the earth, and more than 200 are eaten in the tropics. Ferns have been around more than 300 million years!) Edible ferns (red and green), collected from the forest,…Continue readingA Fern for What Ails Ya

Coffee Friends

For the past three years, Jerry and I have frequented a little sidewalk coffee shop near Wat Ounalom in Phnom Penh. In that time, it has switched from one side of the street to the other, and back again. The family owners have gained and lost a TV. Customers have come and gone. But the…Continue readingCoffee Friends