Gluten Sushi Dilemma No More

Several months ago, a Japanese restaurant called Izakaya opened a block away from our condo. Sushi for lunch! Far more tantalizing than the nearby soup stalls that ladle up little bowls of MSG-drenched noodles. It’s no world-renowned sushi, but at least I leave the restaurant with a clear head. Problem is (was), wheat is the…Continue readingGluten Sushi Dilemma No More

Dress It Indian-Style

I like to experiment with salad dressings. One night, I made a concoction using the spice base of many Indian dishes. Jerry and I both agreed it was quite tasty, so I’ll share the recipe with you. If I’ve ever cooked for you, you know I rarely use recipes. I generally cook from scratch, adding…Continue readingDress It Indian-Style

ASK ME! market travel

My husband and I are planning some Southeast Asian travel revolving around food markets. Wonder if you have any favorite food markets, defined any way you like — size, what’s on offer, outgoing vendors, unusual/interesting produce, setting, etc. — Robyn, Kuala Lumpur Thanks for the question, Robyn. Here are some of my favorites. I’d be…Continue readingASK ME! market travel

Dinner on the Beach

We’re at the Sea Dragon restaurant in Sihanoukville, just a few feet from the South China Sea. The waves lap against sand, and little kids pass through the restaurant, selling bracelets. That’s their job. Dozens of them do it every day, every night, making money for their parents to buy food, pay rent or send…Continue readingDinner on the Beach